A Strong, Conservative, Christian Voice for the People of Woodland Park

Matt Hayes is a Christian businessman, philanthropist, and community organizer who believes in small government, free-market economics, and individual liberty. Born in small town Louisiana, Matt was taught to trust in “Southern Values” – hard work, hospitality, and fierce dedication to independence. He attended the University of Louisiana – Lafayette, where he studied business and engineering, began his professional career in the oil fields of West Texas, and has now been a business operation professional for 7 years. Matt owns and operates a business consulting firm, Aspen Grove Strategic LLC, where he specializes in the sourcing and procurement of materials for industrial manufacturing operations, helping businesses overcome today’s challenging supply chain disruptions.  

Matt moved to Woodland Park in 2016 when he took a position with a Colorado Springs-based company. He fell in love with the Rocky Mountains, and Woodland Park, which he now calls home. He spends his free time enjoying the great outdoors - hiking, skiing, hunting, and fishing, all with his 6-year-old son, Liam. He serves his community through his position as an officer of the Keep Woodland Park Beautiful committee, is very involved in his local church, and occasionally volunteers at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter where he walks dogs that are often confined to their kennels for long hours. 

If elected to City Council, Matt hopes to revitalize our local economy through supporting local business, new commercial developments, and new residential developments with a focus on affordable housing. Matt believes that having low taxes and low levels of government regulation is the best way to create a flourishing economy from the local level all the way to the national. He would like to see the candidates elected to City Council in this election bring a new age of transparency to our municipal government and encourage our residents to get involved and hold our elected officials accountable.