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Where Matt Stands



Colorado’s population is exploding in an unprecedented way. Today, Colorado Springs is the 6th fastest growing city in America, poised to overtake Denver as the largest city in our state in just a few years. As the population of Woodland Park inevitably grows as a result of the overflow, I believe it is important to take measures to prevent Woodland Park residents from being priced out of our community.


Principals of supply and demand economics suggest that if the number of residences in Woodland Park stays the same, and demand for those residences increase as people look to move into our city, that home prices will continually increase. Therefore, I believe the city needs to take measures to allow for new housing developments to track with the increase in demand.


I support a combination of single-family and multi-family housing developments, and making zoning changes to allow for some mixed-use spaces.



The essential services our city provides are the number one most justifiable use of your tax dollars. Ensuring that our residents have running water, functioning sewage, and roads that are safe to drive on should always be a top priority of our city government.

I believe in taking a forward thinking approach to the maintenance of our city’s infrastructure. While always ensuring that our budget provides for adequate resources to maintain our infrastructure, we should also be setting aside funds to replace aging infrastructure and increase our infrastructure’s capacities to prepare for the next wave of population growth in our city.



Ensuring the preservation of our history and culture is a top priority of mine, and our downtown area is the historical and cultural center of our city. As our population grows, it will take a concerted effort to make sure our history and culture are maintained. Our city’s planning department must work together with the Historical Preservation Committee, the Downtown Development Authority, Woodland Park Main Street, and our existing downtown businesses to plan for the next wave of development of our downtown.


I envision our downtown being the community hub of our city. Together, we can grow our downtown to be full of dining, entertainment and shops, pedestrian friendly, family friendly, full of parking options and venues to host the cultural events of our city.



I believe that small business is the backbone of our economy! It is a top priority for me to ensure that Woodland Park fosters a business friendly environment. If you want to open a business, you shouldn't have to "work with the city" to make it happen. The city should work with you! 

When businesses are successful, they create good paying jobs. But when the government makes it expensive to run a business, business owners can't afford to pay their workers well. In today's job market, it's harder than ever find workers. That's why it's so important to make sure that we're leaving as much money in the business bank accounts as possible so they can afford to pay wages high enough to attract employees!

I believe that the formula for ensuring the success of our local businesses is low taxes and minimal regulation! The best way for government to help business is to get out of the way



I believe that it is essential for our community, and our elected officials, to Back the Blue! A strong, capable, well-funded police force is the backbone of any community's effort to ensure public safety. Making sure that our police department receives the funding it needs is a top budget priority of mine. 

In addition to having a strong police force, I believe that protecting the 2nd Amendment and defending our right to protect ourselves is critical! We have the right to be our own first line of defense against those who would seek to do us harm! You can count on me to make sure that right never gets taken away here in our city!



As a Home-Rule Municipality, we are entitled to the right to self-govern. However, we must fight every day to preserve that right! Our elected officials must refuse to roll over and allow an authoritarian state and national government to govern for us!


Our community knows what our city needs to be safe and prosperous. We must come together as a community to elect officials who will resist harmful mandates and policies that the state and national governments insist we must adhere to!


I believe in defending the values of FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM! If elected to city council, I will be your strong, conservative, Christian voice that stands up, on behalf of the people, and fights for freedom and independence!